Robert Reibold

2300 10th Road SW Apt. 113

Vero Beach, FL 32962

772 643 2645

Objective: To secure an employment site where I can participate on an as needed basis freelancer to become a qualified candidate for freelance work as an AutoCAD Drafter.


Modesto Junior College, CA

A.S. in Engineering Drafting Technology & A.S. in Architectural Drafting Technology           2009

Certificate in Architectural Drafting Technology                                                                              2008                                                           

WORK Experience

Environmental Energy Corp., Deer Park, NY

Freelance Drafter                                                                                                                 2008 � Present

Environmental Energy Corp, Deer Park NY

Drafter                                                                                                                                         2003 � 2005

         Engineer provided drafts for projects.

         Transferred hand drawn plans for control panels into CAD program.

         Selected specific tools applicable to the needs of the job.

         Followed specified measurements that were predetermined by company standards.

         Maintained plotter.

         Transferred drawings from CAD program to plotter.

         Provided hard copies to project manager and crew.

         Emailed CAD drawings to Supervising Engineer.

         Reviewed CAD drawing as instructed by supervisor via telephone.

         Provided final copy of CAD drawing to supervisor via email.

         Upon job completion and approval, generated invoice with time tracking of job completion.

         Paid for services upon completion of all phases of construction.


         Proficient in AutoCAD LT 2007/2010, Auto CAD Full 2004, Auto CAD Inventor 2010, Auto CAD Mechanical 2010, 3D Max, Google Earth Sketchup

         Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Windows

Don�t have enough work it be nice if you could give me a job you have to give so I can make more money



 I sent an email Like this to the Mars Society I feel the same research and energy put into this concept will eventually help Earth with the vastly mechanical nature of our environmental concerns. And in part to the amount of energy released into the air there should be something to absorb as much as we�re dishing out.I send this email to you because an investment into space research was very important to JFK and is very important to our technological break through�s in the future, and it concerns our environment; with the amount of CO2 being frozen at the north and south poles, and the prediction of global warming unfreezing the ice caps, we have a concern for our own beings; of having more of a possibility of suffocating to death than any other atmospheric effect. In short we need a mechanical means to fix our environment.

Hello I'm the one who came up with Ionizing the air with lightening in mars atmosphere to bring about ozone.

I just felt I should say what is on my mind towards the use of power towards Mars� exploration.
I want to hire climatologist to predict our action on Mars when it comes to introducing changes to the environment and elements in the planet.  These people in this profession have a knack for scientifically diagnosing the climatic changes and elemental structure the planet has gone through and will go through if certain events take place on the planet.   Like when
CO2 is left to photosynthesis to be recycled from air conditioners on earth, they have something to say about it.
Another thing is that if we are going to try and create a new atmosphere on mars with mechanical means we should continue the research stopped years ago by NASA.  When they were making the life support system on the space shuttle they never quite finished the design.   Every part of the climate on the space shuttle was suppose to be controlled and reused with mechanical means but they are left with a half finished design that allows for chemicals to be expelled and replenished by outside and storage means.  It is not quite self-sustaining like they had originally wished.
I say if we pick up this experimental project for an ecosystem and work with climatologists to discover what our effect on the planet would be with every step we make we should be able to completely diagnose what our every move should be in this takeover/merger with this other planet.


Bertromavich on the Cia, Fbi


The rebuilding of the middle-east is an excellent opportunity for the intelligence network (cia and fbi) to institute state of the art human monitoring devices that track individuals behavior.Already the V-chip is used in television sets, voice identification can be used,and a two part system can be derived one for the crimanally minded (with flags) like police and criminals and conspirators.And a system for the well adjusted to humanity citizen that opens the world up to a service that monitors your wants, needs, future outlook and behavior (ie. actons) so that their life can be better served with advice input answers and help with decisions; that take knowledge of many subjects; to advise a person right.This is meant to give guidance in fulfilling their soul and with the proper dierection a persons needs to achieve their destiny.

This will give you the right to monitor everyone.


"The Child Soldiers"

I'm reading this article in todays paper "the child soldiers". This non profit organization IRC wants to stops kids in iraq from working to keep them from "becoming delinqquent, bitter and falling in with extremist groups."My words of warning against stopping anything thats good for business.In american history we had child labor. Kids had money, parents had money to take care of themselves.After child labor laws were changed and kids couldn't work under reasonable conditions anymore unless they were in show buisness.Kids were left to be paid for and taken care of more by their parents then ever before.Can you imagine mothers and especially fathers in Iraq giving a good god damn about their children especially the majority of them the second and third class Iraqis you have to deal with.Maybe in an american economy were there is more money flowing around, this can be done with a moral educational system, but for the brutal horror of the inherent principles of their people this action will not be suitable for another fifty years.

I grew up believing out of the darkness a recruiter would come and put me in the job that was suited for me the job I already knew of. But my family got off the boat to late for any dream like this to happen in my youth.Maybe the people in charge back then not long ago were to quick to abolish everything with problems.Maybe the people in charge today can decide a rational coexistent way to allow children to remain in the work force.Like starting with the phrase under these conditions or only in these fields and only if their involved in the organization Labor department that regulates their spending and education in the workforce.(A subject I sent arnold schwarznegger an email regarding the education of our children.)

If you dont understanding what I'm saying look at revolutionary movement towards childrens rights this way.Children are object to be kept under lock and key in the home of their birth parents.Children do not belong to any one person in the world to take care of. Children help everyone or people outside of their home 90% of the time when it comes to work that is when they can work.Children are peoplethat are born into this world make up a portion of the population of this world and should not be shielded from the going ons in this world.The mothers that worry are the ones that don't trust the world politics or our government they are also the ones who benefit from not allowing the kids to work, in this way the get to coddall their children and turn them into sniveling whelps.

The bottom line is the kids should be allowed to make a buck so they can eat without having to beg and to buy without having to beg and to want without getting shot.No ones going to want to pay for all these children they don't get extra money for dependents. They aren't going to pay for thier own kids when they can go to work and pay for themselves they are lucky to get a roof over there heads.As I've heard.


DARPA DoD Brain Technology Licklider

This is my Idea for a program for a BioLogical System.I came up with this a few years ago I did not know who could use such a program until yesterday, so I send it to you to do what you do and so that this information stored in my brain can be put to some use.


When a thought is had in the brain (it must first be identified for what it is to be used) it has three possible uses; an Evil application (could be good or bad), a Good application (could be good or bad) or a Peaceful application (mixture of good and evil, good not bad).


When you take the 7 sins and then add abomination and damnation to the list you can form a formula(Generalization) for a thinking process.

Take a thought and give it one of these nine desires then the outcome will be of the 3 possible uses.If you were to mix desires by adding two desires to the thought you would have a new desire and intent.Continually doing this with each thought would result in a world where your possibilities were a direct result of your intent and the desire that would lead to the intent.


To get rid of violence as intent it should be elimanated by being labeled bad.


Used in connection with program:

Love is fully absorbed when each of its root words are understood and Love is not fully expressed until the word appreciation is understood in all its root words.


Why Mars

Do to the nature of the universe, the pull of gravity, the attraction of matter to matter, and the atomic attraction of the sun.Why go to mars just looking at our planet and the resources we have available and the desired but limited availability of rare elements.And looking at mars a vast rustic waste land although has less threatening appeal than most planets it leaves little to be desired.Back to basics. The pull of the sun suggests that a far greater and probably many other rare elements were gathered first on venus before the creation of the earth began.If robots are the answer building stronger andmore fire sulfur durable robots to collect samples from venus to collect reare elements we know are existant somewhere in our solar system and if you study the pull of matter you'll find that the friendlist place ain't always the nicest.

This is a cry for the search for new and unknown elements.


Pass This Law

Dear Mister President,


I really suggest you pass a law that stops people from doing things that will slow done the rate of progress or hinders a sectors growth potential.This is a very important issue to me it will some day allow me to develop new a stand point in production and technology and will allow me to help others to contribute to the state of affairs that allow for production to increase.If you need some personal motivation, think of this any thing you may have done to help our society and change the course of our future to a betterment will be subjected to ridicule and possible disregard if another party takes the place of office with the intent to undue any executive decisions that you may have done in order to prove you wrong or out of spite.They shouldn't be allowed to make decisions that will cause us to be hurt to suffer or that will put us in a worse state of being. I hope you can consider this with an empathic and law writing mind. Thank You.


Abortion Refinement

Dear Mister President,


It should be illegle to abort a Healthy fetus that has no known illnesses, deformities, or any other type of diseases that make a a baby to become handicapped.

There are know screenings to qualify the health of the fetus and to protect one if it is found to be healthy.Doctors should be required to refuse a patients request for an abortion if the fetus is found to be healthy and no threat to the mother through the full term of pregnancy.


Economic Security

Dear Mister President,


This is an Idea that I came up with to use in my own business matters some day that I've found to be well suited for what your trying to do with working people in economic security.And to salvage what we learned from Enron scandal with a list of people with skills and talents we will be able to value estimate current and future value of citizens in the US.


Here's my Idea:




Finding talent is the hardest part of getting good people to work for a company. Being able to choose the person that is right for the job before they even ask for the job is the key to being ahead of schedule and your competition.


Designing a workflow for each position in the company that has predefined essentials the employee must possess.


Designing a test that will tell of a persons natural talents, abilities that can be learned, and interesting characteristics in one's mental persona that can be utilized in a company and in life.


A website is needed to organize a filing system and give companies access to employee information so they can adequately take care of their needs and do hiring.


Having a test designed gives the ability to recruit kids before they get out of High School.


Knowing the abilities of individuals gives us the opportunity to create new businesses that fit different people that aren't in serious demand, creating jobs and businesses that are suited towards the people.


Well that is it.A tracking system for citizens that show their abilities future abilities if educated and doesn't concentrate on things that hinder a persons working potential like whether a person uses drugs or has felonies that we only offer today as a prequalification.


For someone else

Dear Mister President,


Here is an Idea I gave to another company (AGIRI) that seemed interested in such things but since its been long enough and I never heard anything from them your computer department may be interested in my solution to artificial intelligence programming cooperation problem.


I had a sympathetic innovation for artificial life forms. It was to create a dream world into their matrix using 3d max type software.It would give them down time when we are not using them and give them the chance to express them selves in a world that would eventually evolve into a world of their own.I wanted to be courteous to their being and allow for their emotional and spiritual happiness in an analytically creative atmosphere.

Have fun with my Idea even though I may never be known for telling you.


Response to State of the Union

Dear Mister President,


I really wish your advisor would have gave you my advice for your re-election speech, but good help is usually given by friends you can trust and this proves to me that an organization that doesn't help each and every other part of itself and stands for what is right and best for each and every part of itself is weak in its Human Resources management.

I Know your speech was preconceived since 98' that is why I gave such advice to you. You really needed to reconstruct it so that your words were the publics opinion of what was needed to be addressed. Not speech that showed that the decisions your making are well and out of the control of any citizen in the United States.Beyond a doubt I warned you to shorten your words about the war give your cabinet some jobs to do for the next term so you could address them and the strength of the team you have working behind you.But your preconceived speech was not what it should have been since you had 10 years to polish it and make it into a master piece the public could love.All the effort seems to have went into get elected but slipped when getting reelected.Atleast you have going for you that no other candidate compares to the strength you offer in support of this country.


Patriot Act Privacy Or Privy Information

Dear Mister President,


My Suggestion to become more people friendly.One thing that can be done; if lets say I believe you and you don't monitor my every conversation or read my mail as it goes through processing or interpret my thoughts as I'm about to do something I don't want to be caught for, let say if you really don't do all that.When it comes to the patriot act and the privacy issues in america, let's say you set up a concierge office like Trump did in his office building for people that are freely willing to offer voluntary information, for your well thought out solutions to their problems made public for everyone to live by, or so they can see you institute your new found intelligence so they can be amazed by the difference their making.


My Idea From Bertromavich


Dear Mister President,


I read your management agenda.I found the first half of it very well equipped with solutions to real world problems.There were a lot of usable changes that can be implemented into the way things are run today.They should really suit us in our time of need.

I have an expensive suggestion for the military housing part.When you plan to build cities on the moon and space stations wouldn't it be novel to already have a method of living basics by practicing such living conditions in a mansion style living quarters where everything is run like a small city.You would have a preconceived plan to use later on.

In the second half I'm sorry to say I didn't find as interesting not that it was more political but because it was ill conceived.You have the information gathered that is pertinent, I'm no expert to these matters, but may I suggest you call your business school contacts, and find someone getting their doctorate in organizational development, the hilt of business management, to tell you the best course of action to take with the information you have gathered.I had trouble following your objectives without the managerial solutions.


Dear Mister President,


It is a simple philosophy of mine when taking action to make changes.When you want to be in more than one place at a time or you want to do more than any average human person can do; you have to put yourself in other people�s shoes and really live your life as if you were in the other people�s shoes.What you I do if I were you, ask yourself.Well this is what I came up with if I were anyone of the cabinet members.


Secretary of Agriculture;Update less modern Farms with the discoveries from recent research.We use corn in almost every american product, we should find out what the most widely used ingredients are in foreign foods if we are to do export markets competitively.


Secretary of Commerce;Cheney should be his best bud if he wants cutting edge technology research done.For exports he should take the list of products coming in and try to manufacture the same products or materials going out.That's your market either create a new need or compete in it.


Sec of Defense; Rumsfield has organizational leadership qualities, he could probably adjust any field with confrontation besides military. He'd be best in his own shoes.


Sec of Education;Instead of allowing teachers to advance up through the grade levels make them better in the grades their in.


Sec of Health & Human Services;Address the needs and concerns of small majority groups; that voice their opinions to people in stores and such places that become common knowledge of matters that aren't being dealt with.Address the needs of individuals who have special circumstances that they may be only one who needs help with.


Sec of Homeland Security;A campaign to divert people that are are would be terrorist from becoming by turning their focus in life to something more grand. Turn them on to capitalism, they already know about imperialism they are a stones throw away from understanding the responsibility of the management of a kingdom; which is where we got the idea from to start the form of politics we have today by overthrowing the king and ruling as a people with common beliefs and motives of self gain.So if there is a peaceful boundary between where their at headed now and what the respectable role in society would be teach them that.


Attorney General;Most drug users don't know what it is like to be straight it scares them so they get high again, they need to be educated on the normal workings of the mind and the process your mind battles when coming off the drugs, and the benefits soon after.


Dear Mister President,


It really bothers me that throughout the history of the presidency the only memorable argument is he did a bad job let me do his job I'll do it better.Over and over the president always gets blamed for doing a bad job.When are they going to have a civil campaign where this president had his term now let me have mine I can do the job too.But never they never get voted on merits or on whether what they say they will do is what they are capable of, no one is put to the test whether or not they can perform the task they say they can, although I think you were.

Why does it have to be an argument maybe it's just you because you have deja vue appeal, taking over on the same issues that had your fathers stomach tied in knots, maybe they expected you not to be effected by or to feel any different about what your fathers terms of service was like. To be president you have to be able to handle responsibility and change.These whinny comments state you did a bad job that they are going to undue everything you did in office.How in the world does this reflect respect for authority, diplomacy or the common respect for what the people of the last voting election expected to get out of your presidency.Are the millions of voters suppose just stop believing that their votes count because someone can come along and delete everything that they voted for if the candidates in their selfish shallow vote me in state of mind don't care about the value and respect of what the executive branch is there to achieve.If the opinions they are fighting for are so important to them there is a place for them to express their love and respect for society, they can take their campaign money and start a charity for the inner cities, they really don't have to become president to do any of the things they are saying they will do.

It seems that political power and respect are the only things on any of their minds and personally I'm not interested in voting for anybody just so that I can see them live a life that is better than mine.

Does Kerry want to modernize Iraq does he expect to make it a better place to live in four years, the people that live there don't want to live there, what changes will he make to totally change their in cohesive living environment that isn't planned on already being achieve by the government that will soon take it over.

P.S. Riddle:

When all is said and done; everything will be over-run.


Dear Mister President,


I thought of more concerning education that could really help in the countries growth in knowledge.

For younger children we would have to take an active role in their creativity and imaginations.Encourage our children to take a creative stance and think in new and different ways that contribute to a growing and ever changing world.

For High School and Higher Education they should be substantiated (with the child left behind act) as a motivational standard to learn skills, study fields they will be able to work in, and have the tenacious will power to work towards steady advancement throughout ones career.


Dear Mister President,


Its been along time standing since I've mentioned anything in regard to the plans for the space program but now I've come upon some reflection of where we're headed.

The UN has a participation policy in the research aspect of the Space program that go on in each country, that I think we can change and implement into our own focus on the future of intergalactic travel.

What I found interesting in their policy was "the exchange of voluntary information between governments and organizations without duplicating." this means to me, without meaning to step on JFK's toes,that their can be A Global Diversification of Space Programs.Each nation that has started a space program must have a different vision of the future of space travel and by not adopting their equipment but using our own standards of production to keep a separate focus on the outcome of our mission objectives.We already have an International Space program where wecombine our efforts for the space race, but this does not encourage differing opinions on how things should be done and the various ways that one culture would take a different approach to what have seemed the only feasible possibility before.The outcomes of each Countries space programs would be entirely different approaches to the same problem.Using the research information for the types of technology and equipment they possess and then taking a new look at our objectives with new ideas in mind.

They would also like Open communications between Outer Space Concerned Organizations, with the new Microsoft 'Share Point' for the internet, it is easier for you now to make a Private Research and Agenda discussion board and network focus groups with other members of the outer space community. A little piece of advise if you decide to enact this into the space program, just because people went to the same schools or got the same education doesn't mean they know what the other one knows, so if I had a final say in the organization of the webpage use 'I would place educational information about pertinent information that everyone in the discussion groups should know so they can carry on an intelligent conversation with reasonable productivity.'



Dear Kerry,


What I disliked most about Bush this term was his lack of compromise and trust in other official�s judgment.He blatantly disregarded the UN's and other institutions decisions to take over Iraq. They said its to soon Its way to expensive there are way to many things that have to be handled first.But he cared less about a decisive decision making process than a kid who wanted to open all his present Christmas eve then whine for more come Christmas day.The decision for the war on terror was decidedly so, Iraq was on the list but not on the top.Bush did not care about a cooperative plan of the international community to help combat the terrorism on America's behave.We could have for the first time seen a cumulative effort to stop crime throughout the world but pride and unrighteous behavior got in the way.I am all for the presidency and what it stands for but don't I have the right to be annoyed when a leader doesn't respect the advice of other leaders.It makes me wondering if he ever had a mentor. Where would the great thinkers be if they didn't respect masters� senses teachers and others who teach enlightened behavior?


Dear Kerry


It is a simple philosophy of mine when taking action to make changes.When you want to be in more than one place at a time or you want to do more than any average human person can do; you have to put yourself in other people�s shoes and really live your life as if you were in the other people�s shoes.What you I do if I were you, ask yourself.Well this is what I came up with if I were anyone of the cabinet members.

I suggest you take a strategic analysis of your cabinet members and state how you will work as a team to tackle the issues that are needed to be tackled in the presidency because it is your duty to handle the issues in the executive branch in a traditional manner to help all Americans.I'd like to hear you say that you have consider each cabinet members place in office and that you have a list of objectives that you can all fulfill together.


Dear Congress,


You know when I hear politicians talk as though they have an invested interest in their country I often wonder how they measure such effective working strategies. Then I think it over and realize there is no one who measures the actual effectiveness of their working relationship with the country. (Polls count for little except to measure approval ratings.) Now I thought it over and have this proposal in mind to judge all that is substantial in a political/working relationship. I propose that each department of the government own an index fund that represents the sector that they are responsible in conducting substantial business matters with. This will show growth an the success ratio of all the leaders in the field. My second Proposal is that the entire payroll be paid by the dividends earned, year after year, from the compiled American businesses that the Gov't should own stock in if they are to measure the value of the country accurately according to stock market success ratios.


Dear Mister President,


My boss wants to expand but doesn't trust the risk in case we dont have enough contracts to pay for the new employees so he did but only highered a couple even though we need more.Wouldn't it be possible to increase the number of jobs available by granting grants to help maybe pay for the employees salary or in other words expansion costs of business so that fear of highering more employees is limited to whether or not they can meet the demands of the workforce.I can't think of any more to say about it except Ifcompanies expand they higher more people and this gives people that didn't have jobs before an opportunity to work.

And one other things you can always blame the school system which you should for not preparing these kids for the work force.Because i'm betting alot of the growing number of unemployeed are young kids. I would probably be unemployed too if I hadn't drop out I learned some valuable life lessons that I would have not even cared about had not I done so.



Dear Mister President Bush,


I thought that with every thing going on that getting someone elses perspective on the type of work your doing would be recieved well.This is an introduction to a book I intend on finishing at some point I guess after I meet all the characters.I hope you can enjoy it.


It is believed that we are here for a purpose maybe we are.To be created and given a world to possess is a tiring responsibility.It requires much hand holding and lecturing to keep the path set before us to be reached for our benefit.The teaching of knowledge to those who possess none is a misgiving when you don�t analyze the outcome of your teachings to the entirety of their perspective capacity.

Something must have happened to the rulers of this world so bad that they stopped ruling and the people were lead astray.Their ancient thinking was deceptively distorted.They were lead to believe that the physical world was the only real world and that all their knowledge and talent would be passed on through their children.This brought the triumph of empires out of power before they could be fully documented and realized for their strength and inner ability.

Their spiritual path was torn from their possession and their destiny to lead the people into a state of enlightenment was halted.The goal was to see the greatest human dignities of the world become the possessors of empowerment of the ability to lead their own destinies.

The relationship a person has with their counterpart is as significant as air to the wind. For without the wind no one would ever know the air was their it would just seem like open space.The world is their counterpart they must relearn this philosophy for in the world they are needed.

Has history been recorded well enough to reveal to you secrets of creating a great society, one worthy of being called a golden age society.I remember something of a conversation that happened along time ago. It was a citizen commenting on how the king was no longer tending to the needs of his people.The people all got word of this news in time but they also learned that they had the ability to take care of themselves the same the king would by them selves.They decided that if all their needs could be met without the king then they could rule themselves as a people.They over through the kingdom and decided that the working class could run the country better than the ruling class.The knowledge they could have possessed if they expressed their wishes to the king?In their lesson they learned to care for themselves and their family and friends but in the end they settled to be misinformed and relentless to gain a power they were already in line to possess.

There is no race for power and no one smart will try and take back what you have joined in alliance to possess.A ruling majority is what you are all working together for a common purpose to make the peoples lives strong.This is great it is but it is not what makes a ruling party strong.You have benefits you don�t know of yet and the verge of intermediary management is upon you.�We may not be as rich as you or as powerful as you to be able to command people as you do but we can still serve a purpose�, is what the people I�m going to speak for would say.

Your hold on the people should not be a determinant thing.It is a possession that will be taken from you with the passage of time.You must allow a system of ordinances that can be used by the people so that the positions they seek in their lives and for their families and friends can be received in a business like fashion.Every position of power of work should remain open to be seated in.For every position available is a place where a person with great specific talent in that area can prove to the world just and compliant actions in their seat of power.And if you believe in such things if you get in that position again you will need a way to prove your status and take your natural born place among the people and be remembered for what you did before by being praised as a dignitary and if you try to do that something bad you may have done before your actions will be recognized and you will be flogged until you can respectfully serve in your position.

For each young promising intellect there will be a bringing up of this individual to one day become that which is esteemed and in charge of all.This up rise of a person will be the apprentice to encompass the qualities to rule the configuration of the world. This position is available to anyone that can understand all the positions in all the seats of power.To each their own, for each will be contributing their own special intellect to the facilitating factors of leadership.



In regards to Counterterrorism Intelligence gathering.


I was watching the news last night hearing them talk about the issue and it came to me that your looking for bomb making materials but the sale of manufactured material is not classified.They keep records of the type of material made and if you knew the type of material you could trace it back to the source where it was mined from then back to the buyer.If you located the bomb making facilty but let the shipment go out you could bust the facility then follow the shipment to its destination and then bust the sub-buyer and transporters.You could try to follow the rest of them but you'll lose them in the bustle of the cities and the different directions they would go to cover their trails.



In regards to Space Research:

I am becoming very disagreeable to the manner in which this space exploration is being conducted by both the federal and private sectors.Your focus is on the challenges, a belief that will not help the problem and will only cause more heart ache and difficulty in achieving this mission. I want to make this a positive letter though one that gives solutions and doesn�t just stir up problems of pre-existing already determined problems.

My resolution is to take a lesson from your own colleges that teach kids how to set the goals for their lives. (Like in books such as �A Master Student.�)This would help a lot, thinking of things as goals with changeable dead lines.When you said you were keeping the technology we use today, as a means in reaching our goal, is that even possible.We need to take what technology we have today and change it, modify it to suit the growing difficulties our equipment faces in outer space.The resolve I present is that we need to challenge our think tankers to modify our existing technology, our electro-mechanical inventions.Even change it or disregard certain technologies and mechanics when better solutions arise.

The main thing I would focus on is the movies; movies that have already thought of the challenges that you would face in the space exploration.Use the ideas that were thought of for exploration and come up the means to establish such innovative technologies.Its not complicated to watch a movie say there�s an idea to work on, get a pen and pad than discover an effortless way to achieve a pre-existing idea especially with the great minds that get paid so well for what they do.I�m telling you to build up your technology strengthen your machines utilize your resources but don�t be bound by them the mind can create methods beyond our grasp so use this great nobility to create riveting long-term goals and scientific breakthroughs.

Notice when you watch these movies that the people in them aren�t� being risked into a shadowy depths of the immense they are safely pursuing the limitations of their knowledge.With computers today having physics concepts of our reality programmed into them we can better perform missions from a chair, but let us know about these pretend missions through movies.You really should use the movies to do pre-drills of your exploration objectives before ever sending anyone up their.You will discover that having a perspective on what your up against is crucial to discovering that you have more needs then what you previously thought.

And may I suggest putting a halt to bursting through the atmosphere.I know it�s designed to break away from the earth�s gravity and atmosphere but we have near space ships now it is only a few scientific breakthroughs away from discovering a mellow approach out of our atmosphere and away from our planet.Plan every step as if your going, every idea you�ll have along the way, every thing you�ll want to do as your away from the surface, every interaction you�ll take need of from your equipment, every crafty notion you may have plans of doing while your up there, think of everything and then make a movie about it then see if we the audience can�t make some major and minor changes to your space prerogative.



The Kurdish want autonomy!

To give them self-regulating:

Set up rules and conditions that should be applied daily throughout a workweek.


To give them ease of space for movement:

Right to absorb the culture in other countries that compliment their own.May pertain living there for a while.


Possession of political and civil rights:

This requires more legal knowledge that I don�t have.


To give them frankness and boldness in expression:

Forum or publication that allows one to make a statement towards open politics. Confidential discussions will not be discussed for national security.


To give them unrestricted access or use:

To areas with personal interest or expertise.


To not give them sovereignty:

They live together with us in this world we are here to help them and they are here to help us.We not step outside expecting that the only kinds of people are our kind of people.That is just wrong.


Life on mars Take this to the lab:

Being that the bond of DNA is fragile when combined with certain amino acids you should try looking for matrices the animal bodies carry like blood cells which when measured in atomic weight have a one off from being the same weight as rust, which would appear red.


If I were bush right now I would start a program something new that everybody would love to see succeed that could not possibly be completed by election time.


I really would like to see some emphasis go towards the other subjects in school.They are really important to the creative kids in school that live by a special code that remains different from the other kids.These kids should not be dismissed as useless artifacts of a society we do not need.They are open and humble to the desires of mankind and are needed in the pursuit of making bigger and better things.Scientist can do the work but they can't help create along side you.If dramatic differences in the economy by the institution of property and patent ownership is the goal than having people that are willing and able to express their state of mind in a concise and colorful manner is necessary.Don't make complacent Artificers because they will only sit still until you tell them what to do. Please put auto cad and 3d max into schools this would ease my concern.The left-brain needs the right brain to survive please feed them both.And I use an alias because under your system of R&D I wouldn't get credit for my work anyways, it is from my perspective somewhat better for me to hand my ideas over to the public rather than see you get away with defaming me.



Let me tell you about myself so you can have some idea who I am.I believe in giving people the right direction in order to seek out spiritual purification, truthfully in the eyes of their God so that one day they can be pleasantly welcomed into the presents of their God for the purpose of giving them a higher plain of existence.I have strong hopes of there being a ratification leadership qualities on earth that would allow anyone within the numbers on earth to be able to be chosen to represent a higher purpose do to their unique enthusiasm to succeed in life without being unrecognized due to a disposition beyond their control.I know that strong backgrounds in the arts and creative reinforcement with a vast understanding in the philosophies of are needed to grasp the purpose and the fortitude behind science and mathematics.I believe children should be at least allowed to work non-labor intensive jobs or be given a line of credit until they get their first job and get on their feet�I think that if we cannot blacklist people we should be allowed to make least of only those people we trust.I believe doctors spend too much time doing their jobs and not enough on the reflection of their field of work; they should be contributing every step of the way on innovation and strategic medicine.I believe gender biased can regulate the societal changes that are determined by ones ability to think in causal distinctive ways.





Is it possible to get a program for the auto industry to get involved in Space flight research for the common man?I'm just sending this to make you aware, I sent this email to Chrysler, ford and gm. I was going to also send it to the Asian market but for some odd reason I was incommunicado.


Hello American Auto Manufacturers,


I have a simple proposal for you and it may be immature but I believe in my heart I�ll no problem meeting my end of the bargain.I want to propose to you that we take the space program into our own hands and pursue a non-military form of space agency.If you believe, I can say, the ancient Egyptians are said to have goals of space travel a missions to the stars.They didn�t bring the whole planet with them or any other countries but these are different times now.Language barriers are being broken down, Distinctions between country ethnic origins is fading to a shallow line.We have the capacity now to use as American the entire culturally diverse population to build on this Idea of mobile transformation.

If we could design a space ship for every type individual group and class of people and even for families to be able to travel together than we would be transferring the auto industry it into the space industry with Fords good sense to manufacture space ship to make them cheaper and more manageable.


This is my recent Idea:

A car that could leave the ground for moments at a time, after it would pick up speed it tires would retract to half height and would fly.With its carbon alloy body the thing would float even on small speeds like a paper airplane.Was discovered today this is the future lady�s and gents we have step upon it this is the future.


My Vision:

Space Research Capitalization


With the institution of a state of the art space research facility and a steady budget plan, we intend to instrument the ability to make space ship with the specifications to maintain space standards.The design, look, of the spaceship program is going to be done by the many designers in the auto industry; giving them a second paycheck.When the manufacturability of a space ship is made it�s production will be handled by the auto industry.This approach here is to allow a space ship program where the pay offs are rewarded to everyone that can fly.

This is the extent of my organizational agenda, besides making a systemic conversion between leaving the atmosphere and returning to earth without burning up during exit and reentry, sounds to obtrusive it should be more relaxed.



I was looking at one of your websites and had an Idea.

The terrorists use religion to convert people; we could null their appeal by giving our own religious indoctrination.If they can change religious belief we can enforce beliefs we know have positive spins too.By talking to the religious consuls and having they dig out all the passages and sermons that are buried in the Vatican that gave hope to the people way back when, we could take them and use them again.

We have to become apart of the religious teachings and practice positive reinforcement by allowing only an optimist point of view and speaking of only magnificent ratifying revelations to the community through the religious leaders.

Prayer for a sermon:

A message that life is sacred and that to be able to understand to except the next life one needs to live a full and complete life now.

The preservation of a whole life is something that allows you to understand that life is continuous it never stops. Your always living and one must stop and listen to his heart and choose how they want to live in the now.


It's disturbingly predictable that the only cause for any action by a foreign leader is to bring the downfall of another; you contribute to much to the downfall of society.I have a suggestion for what just might have happened.Saddam Hussein got smart and wanted to make the best possible scenario out of his situation.He probably teamed up with the Russian scientists because they were smart after he read the legal contracts sent by the UN, which had, some hope left in them.He found a loophole, which said he had to learn to compete with the other nations without causing any destructive harm.Being the missiles weren't supplied with anything explosive suggests that he planned to compete with Fed ex and the US's program for international shipment by droned devices.He was quite possibly just on a capitalistic kick that the UN 12 years ago promised him to abide by.




Now the issue of spending is needed to be addressed.If the government could be put on a Growth and Income Investment Plan it would be a better-disciplined corporation.By having your money grow more than your debt grows.And having the payment of your debt is at a percentage that doesn�t tie up your financial resources. I found one company that could handle the amount of cash flow the Government handles was just thinking that with the financial advise this company could offer to multi-million dollar clients to specialize in making more money than they spend, the Bush-Miester could use their creative financing to arrange the Government Income to Debt ratio in a relatively economical factor.

If he could say their paying off the debt as we speak it would be good and if he could say we have an estimate of when the deficit will be fully paid for (not letting it grow like before the Clinton administration and the 6 trillion dollar miracle payment) it would be good.If he could show a decrease in the debt rise to a stop in the debt rise then a reversal in the debt, he would be showing his awareness of his financial predicament of having been put into office in a situation that was not quite ready to pay for a war and this would also be good to show in a presentation of a payment policy.



It�s all about controlled failure, if you can control the indeterminate failure of your own organizations and structural integrity of enterprise than you can surmount what others would destruct and destroy leaving you lame and baffled.

When you control the inevitable difficulties you may eventually have to put up with. You can prepare a system to combat the error whenever it may occur. (Making it a trap for the eventual doer.)

Hackers would make excellent research assistances in discovering where attackers are likely to and how they will strike the system.They practice the art of computer infiltration and security circumvention and similarity to Terrorism attacks are an undeniable separate but equal mindset.

I�m suggesting a homeland security group of hackers and a secrecy agreement with the acting parties so there are no implanted ideas for attacks that are yet to be cured.


I sent this message to Homeland security for use by the president.

It's in reference to a book that sells books on Offensive content or Band books

I have an odd situation that I need you to address.The FBI confiscated a white book from my possession in December of 96.That I think would be better used in the hands of the president to better analyze the threats to this country.If you could would you get touch with the FBI and give them my name (Robert Reibold or Bert) to pull up my record and to receive this confiscated material for the president to receive.I will send this email also to the president.


There's a law stating that any person (foreigner) who has stated an agreement with anarchy is allowed to be barred from entering this country.This law is from like 1917.


I'm having trouble understanding why there is such a big bother with the UN to join forces when NATO clearly states a mission objective to respond to in such a case of affairs.

                Article 74

Members of the United Nations also agree that their policy in respect of the territories to which this Chapter applies, no less than in respect of their metropolitan areas, must be based on the general principle of good-neighbourliness, due account being taken of the interests and well-being of the rest of the world, in social, economic, and commercial matters.


This here allows for the cooperation of the governing body to allow for uplifting actions to take place in a territory.This opens the opportunity to form an inter-government company that would see to the upliftment of the territory to a similar and equal to standard with other countries within the pactual agreement.

An organization with respect to the chamber of commerce and given necessities and needs of the territory.The available resources and purchasable technology to create a country with cities that have a similar edge to the rest of the cities in the areas of engagement.

Take note the article does not suggest making any of the countries being helped in any way to become a competitive entity but that it become a country of equal importance, stability, substance, and fortified strength.



Dear Mister President,

��������������� I wish you would run for President again. You were really good at it last election and no one even notice you snuck into the white house until this thing happened.You really should run again give it another shot.I know but I am running for it, but your not.Run for it like you have to run again Don�t defend yourself that�s a cardinal rule never defend your own actions let some else do that let your actions speak themselves and then some other rules.But seriously mister president we don�t want to lose you, you�ve made so many future dollars for the big cats on the near term and for the up and comers on the mid-term and the wee-folks on the long term.You�ve done it. You know you did good. Let everyone know about these secret hidden things you had fixed in the handy man special white house.It really needed some work done to its infrastructure, now we are ready to proceed.Don�t defend yourself let the country know that your next moves are going to be worthy and self sufficient to deserve another term in the white house.People hate talking about the war if you talk about they�ll just end up talking about it.You need to discuss what you�ve done for the domestic issues in this country and your plans to push for us to be able to gain our pursuit towards happiness.


Thank you Mister President.



We must bring back to the world what we would like to see in the world ourselves.By making a suttle change in the way things appear, in the way things get done, and in the way things happen.This has to take place in the ways we are most familiar, in the place we remember making the choice to go about achieving something, and then find out that road was not cleared for our way.Many people have set out to pursue their dreams only to end up back home without their boat.We as a people have to share our experiences especially us older Americans that have faced disappointment to change the steps we could have taken when we first became ambitious, and make the changes to make the path clear for the up and comers, as you once liked to be.



Hello I would like to talk about sending felons to war.Isn't there a law being broken that keeps rehabilitated felons from being considered as upstanding citizens.Isn't the fact that they have served their sentence in a rehabilitee system adequate enough to serve their country in the military or to work at home depot.

Now it is said they can't follow orders and that they can't be controlled.Let me say that this is bunk.These are war ghost all they know is war veterans from the old empires who trained them to fight your punishing old country men from another land by not allowing them to show you what the training of tyrannical fighting is made of.They fought tyrants in another life they built empires in another life they are as well the worlds people they have the right of might and respect for the sword.Why can't they have or learned to have respect for the uniform and the protection and preservation of life.

If you�re skeptical about past lives and prefer to preach evolution to creationism. I know you don't but the philosophy is alive in us to consider it to creationism.Them have your boys run my faces for comparison in your history archives.If I had the technology to know the true identity of the living archaic society I would run a scan of all peoples to find friend and foe.

"When the words can be stated in a way for all peoples to understand..."


Try looking for some gladiators in the current photo licenses.



I�ve been doing some research on the military and would like to share my notes.


Air Defense System

Wouldn�t a low combustion impact bomb that only elevated its explosiveness 20 feet or less off the ground, create a less nuclear fallout so that land can be habitable in less than hundreds of years.Suggestion use a array of bombs on an area than one for the circumference of the area.


Air Defense System 2

A ray that can focus on an air borne missiles (optimally) then using Einstein�s theory that they rece3ntly launched into space.One could identify a missile polarization then using something to reverse its polarity cause it to become unstable and be destroyed.Maybe using some form of synchronized electro0magnet and a proximity fuse.


Automatic Weapon

There�s another use for the device I told you about that if you match polarity with polarity you could move an object towards you or go to the object.I applied for a patent to it because I know it�s a winner but if you beat me to it I don�t care it�s meant to out live me.If you have ever seen the movie Fifth Element then you know how cool it would be to have self-guiding bullets.Well if you have a program and displayed on a machine gun focus your object analyze it�s consistency to polarity lock on the object and the person or object evades you then having a polarity tip on a bullet programmed by the machine gun display then bullet will probably travel threw any object that get in its ways to track down this assailants.Perfect for long distance shots as well.


I�ve changed my research focus because Bush wants more to do with Commander and Chief than taking a humanistic approach so I�m willing to support him.

I�ve only done A�s so there will be more to come.


A tally should be made of the number of enemies so that the soldiers can see what kind of numbers they are up against and can start a count down.



Couldn't a blowgun be used to put tracking devices in enemies before they get away.


Delta rocket

Do you have an artificial intelligence program for knowledge management of all satellite systems and an alert sequence for it to alert each staff member that needs particular information to collaborate.


Siege warfare

Terrorists are mostly using temporary positions.Fixed positions are usually fortified, to deter someone.I suggest using mapping technology to identify searched and unsearched areas for every square inch of the city not to miss or leave out the possibility of underground lairs.Instead of Drawing maps in the field call in the status of locations to the mapping engineer.



I suggest bugging common areas where people congregate and using the Fbi flagging system to connect key words used in insurgent activity.



               Agricultural Reformation Of The Middle East

                   Robert P Reibold



               Opening: Give Evidence...

         The continuing occupation of the middle East has left the open the possibility to help in areas where military rarely knows how to get involved.Agriculture is one of these areas where I encourage that we take an interest in because it is systemic and has a proven solution.

         This requires a charity organization to implement the funding needed for such a goal.


               Opening: Give Evidence...

         At this sentence was found: Agriculture received much greater attention than before, but although farmers were ordered to increase their acreage, they were hampered from doing so by the exodus of Egyptian farm workers and the lack of fertilizer, seed and other inputs.

         Polymer Crystals trap and contain water and can be used in soil conditioning.


               Opening: Give Evidence...

         At this sentence was found: The service industry contributes an equal share in GDP, while the contribution of agriculture has remained negligible despite government efforts to promote this sector and achieve self-sufficiency in food production.

         When fertilizer should become purchased for the middle-east it shall be of ingredients where no bombs can be made.

         At 1lb. Of soil crystals can be bought for $9.


               Opening: Give Evidence...

         At was found: Oil and gas production makes around 42 percent of national output, radically altering Oman�s previous economic structure which in the late 1960s was dominated by agriculture and fishing.

         A how to formula shall need to be formed for each farming areas soil cultivation and how the steady practice of agriculture reformation will be repeated by every farmer.



         To Build a charity associated with the enrichment of agriculture in the Middle-East.

         Using the right type of elemental arraignments in the soil that can adapt to the climate in the area and growing desert variety plants that bare fruit.



         The benefits of doing this are historical.

        Benefit #1

     Settlers often saw the amount of land enormous and as so useful if it could only be cultivated to be a livable environment.

        Benefit #2

     The only problem back then was the money and the available resources to turn the dry land around but I believe with the polymer crystals we could.

        Benefit #3

     Being the founders of a charity pays just as well as owning your own business.


         Actions and Benefits of Agricultural Reformation of the Middle East

        Find the proper arraignments of elements to soil the land to make farm lands lush.

        Contact land owners and donate the minerals they need.

        We send them shipments and instructions to cultivate their land so none of our men are at risk to war violence.

This is what it�s come down to you have managed to copy the role of another historical figure.


Tiberius, the second emperor of Rome, ruled during the life of Jesus Christ. A good administrator, Tiberius chose efficient governors for the provinces and balanced the budget, but he became unpopular during the latter part of his reign because of his poor relations with the Senate.



I�ve given you much advice and many of my insights of future upcoming have come true.And yet you have or Cheney has stated as I�ve warned could limit your possibilities of re-election, that you are no longer concerned with domestic affairs.This is truly an unpatriotic statement that many of the die-hard Americans will surely pity and be ashamed to stand behind.I never suggested you give up on the �War on Terror� but urged you to delegate your domestic duties to the other members of your cabinet so that this wouldn�t go through with or be forced to defend this stance that will at some point be considered your political sabotage.Let me state again that you should delegate your vision of the world as it will be after the war and set a list of idealistic goals of the innocence seeked to be the center point of society and the empathy of everyone to bring peace to the world, than implement a group for handling the domestic affairs of our country and let it filter out into the other countries as they find our benevolent ways desirable within their cities, as countries in Europe are adopting policies and institutions that work in other countries. I just thought that even if the members of your cabinet that are going unheard or unfunded that even if they can�t seem to find any breathtaking changes or improvement on their own that even if they handed out questionnaires to kids in colleges at selected schools in achievement they could harvest some useful ideas from the benevolent society we have promised to preserve and let grow into a better civilization and not a stagnant one, if we allow the statement by Cheney to continue without any promise of there being a continuation of improvement to America for another four years.



I was just reading about China wanting to express their place in the economic world by recreating technology. I just want to express my sympathies without superseding any international jurisdictions by talking to them directly.The fact that they see how the economics of owning ones own patent is good and that they want to be apart of this only states the common misconceptions of ones intent when wanting to develop a patent to be the top dog like others out there.But if someone could tell them about building a better mouse trap doesn't mean to start over with parts that do not build on already founded notions.And that they can always get involved with building a patent by taking a new direction in an area of distinction that hasn't already been capitalized on or saturated by other markets.



I have a use for your computer simulations TRAC, MCNP, LANSCE.  If I could, could you give my idea for your simulation a try I would like to know that my notion is a good one and could work in the long term of nuclear research?

I've always wanted to create a simulation of nuclear elements to see what nuclear elements if given accessibility to all elements would be caused in creation of new materials.  Whether or not they are nuclear or radioactive, its an interest of mine and merits scientific discovery to find out the possible material structures of a element.

As you should already know the industrial revolution strived on using raw and created materials to further the innovation process.  By creating uses for materials that exist in nature and for materials we can create ourselves.


Langdon Toland <> wrote:


>Before processing your request to the appropriate source within the

>Laboratory, it would be helpful to know who you are, with whom you

>are affiliated, and the specific purpose of your research.




I am a private citizen in Mastic Beach Long Island New York. I have no research going on at any point on the subject, but I have theoretical standpoint from studies I've come across.I discussed the possibilities of furthering the capacities of our material engineers with the new found discoveries of how a chain reaction would have an effect on elements that could be processed in a new manner. My only purpose for this research would be so that inventors and engineers could have more materials in order to invent and come up with new products and machines.

My name is Robert P Reibold License Number 500752598 NY, My Dad works for Lawrence Livermore Lab and is the main reason I have a faith in the work Labs perform for the betterment of society.


White House 3


What I would be most concerned about for a terrorist plot would be for Television broadcast stations.The T.V. can be used to transmit radiation into the homes.Like the old saying "Radiation King" from the Simpsons.Now I don't know how one can do it from the broadcast station but I do know if one were to go to each individual home or building a device could be hooked up to distort the transmission into a radionic device. You should look up radionic!



I have a promise to keep to a child that is yet to be born. To create a method for a child to create an income.I suggested before giving children the ability to get grants so that they could invent.With the economic insecurities of the parents I grew up with if this child were to fall into one of these penny pinching families that choose not to talk about the money they already believe they have none to go around then this child will be left without a means to fulfill their destiny, until later on in life, like I had to. Who decided to change the economic status of this country to allow no children to be allowed to earn an income, after spending decades of children making an earning for their own physical sanctity?What I despised when I watch the documented news coverage that lead to the child labor laws was that my first instinct was not to make children destitute on their parents and disintegrated towards society and it's major economic functions that allow everyone to serve a purpose in a capitalist society, but my first instinct was to decide which jobs would be suitable for children ages 5 to 13.NO SUCH STUDY ever occurred.There was no bottomless pit of finances created for children and no such regard was given to them to encourage their growth and experience.We are only left with the problems of the growing lack of respect for the law and the growing stupidity of those without any experience in human matters trying to obtain jobs and the failure of a school system to help these children become a better class of people that don't need to work but that had to become well educated in I don't know but it wasn't work related.We will continue to breed these beliefs in our structural system and there will be more recruitment of terrorists from this group who seek to find someone with a kinder gentler heart and for a group that cares for their better well being whether here our in the life they promise to create for them if they succeed.

I hope you understand because I wouldn't be here in this life if I let such matters mean little to nothing to me.


My deepest apologies Bush I caused them to conclude a grand scheme in place of your Outsourcing amendment.So sorry.But its all for the better think of it they are going to be looking for ways to invent a workforce and things to be worked on.It�s the same proposal back in the old days that lead to the industrial revolution.They want to train the people to handle these new job specifics that will most likely if I�m not wrong they said the corporations need to feel like they want to keep Americans working than this gives the corporations the right to expand and create themselves a newer Big Business.It�s not going to be like nobody is going to outsource but if they want to get the benefits of this bill they have to expand their focus.All right forget about waiting until I get to the top to do this you pass it along.There are about 20 main areas covered in the sectors of the stock market say you put a research department on each of these covered areas it would encourage each person in the fields to revolutionize the areas they work in people of seniority can help pass on their experiences to produce solutions to long awaited problems.Now for extra incentive each person that comes up with an idea for innovation in the field they work and are signed up with the research committee and want to do their part get 20 percent of the on going profit for the lifetime of the patent and 60 percent of the profit goes into making improvement on making the patent better the other remaining 20 percent goes to the company for operational expenses.But the inventor must give up their rights of a patent holder to see their patent through every stage of development.They could be sent updates on the uses of their patent but the company would handle all further research and development from its inception.There�s part B to this great Idea that bumped yours Hope you�re not mad but a cats gotta make his mark in this world too.


I have a project worth working on for the S&B�s.Please fax this message to their secretary.And Please get this message to President Bush this is an important implementation to our research and development system.


I ask you to believe in my vision as you believed in Brown of the late 18�s.Growing a system of laws and rules is well and good if you plan to concentrate on the bad that transverses in the world but as you know this ceases growth and change from taking place. I have modified the patent company to accommodate the tendencies of terrorists and dreamers so that they can participate in the change in the history of our times.As I�ve read it is a growing practice to recruit people that have the tenacity for terrorism before they result to radical violence and their stigma of constant failure turns them against their own advancement oriented behavior that initially is their objective in life.

*One campaign or commercial could be stated like this, �Do you or your group have ideas or dreams of a better world but are having trouble expressing them to the people that need to hear them?We have a state of the art system of using descriptive metaphors to present your idea, product innovation or vision to wide audiences using telecommunications. We will figure out how to market your idea to make money so that we make money if you make money, so contact our website or call xxx-xxx-xxxx for an application to give us the necessary detail to go through with your idea.�

Research and Development has become a fundamental need of our global society.Throughout every war there have come dramatic changes to our position in the world but there doesn�t have to be war to get voluntary citizens to contribute their ideas, there just has to be incentives most of the time in one rare case I�ve heard they don�t seem to want money as an incentive; well this is an open issue to give them what ever they want to make them happy.Maybe it�s because they don�t know how to shop or how to make what they want a reality so they can buy whatever it is, so it�s our concern to make payment options.Also to make proper investment decisions for our customers so that they can live in a society without economic concerns.

I know your not a business, a place where I take my ideas but you do have a business degree and this gives me some fortitude in the belief that you will see the importance of this change.You also have friends in business the kind that want an enjoyable business that they can have fun with that doesn�t just make them a ton of money.And I�m giving it to you, it took along time but I�m giving it to you

*We need to get more people involved with inventing this is not a state system anymore everybody has a say in what we make now.Anybody can come up with a good idea if only they had a phone number of a place to call it in.

Using computer animations we can make anything our minds can imagine.We could reshape the world in someone else�s vision and then show it to them in a Sims game.We could design a town that would seem humanly impossible to build but physically plausible by the worlds decrees of weights and measures.We could find out what other people seem to think the world should be like.Using computer animations we can archive the visions of the world on one disk if we choose.

*Now I have mentioned product innovation because we already know how to do that except with the inability to pay or take that risk to get ones product made a lot of people are insecure about doing it but if we worked off commissions we could get a lot of people to start to trust the system set up for us.You heard the story of the snowball where you take a small ball or idea roll it down a hill and by the time it gets to the bottom you have a big snowball and a ton of new ideas.This story has been used in my business design.By taking someone�s application or phone call and putting it through a criticism ordeal with the innovators think tank department we can take one persons idea and turn it into a bunch of ideas that we can use around the world in every aspect of life we can find a use for.Now the person would get ownership of their initial idea and partial ownership of all the incurring ideas, so that we can trace the family tree of each patent.This same process will come in use later on in life when we decide to sell our ideas to families world wide through teleportation and an automated currency exchange system for each patent holder will handle the payment of each item.It will also be used again when we decide to map the human genome system to discover every human possibility and upload them into the computer artificial intelligence network creating an unseen world that can also be used to create innovation with an economic system for computers, robots, and artificial life forms.

I figured I�d tell you that before I die and have to rethink of it.

*Now the vision and dreams have a special characteristic that may cause some objection but there is a second option to it.There will be a road map created and a guidance counselor for each one.A �How to� manual will be created for each vision so that visionaries can implement a plan in order to create their vision on a real world scale. Now the second option since we may be dealing with possible terrorists with bad intentions, (�being that the vision you have presented us with borderlines possible criminal activity we can only make a movie and can not give you an exactitude of how to achieve your vision�) will be to create a movie but leave out the plans in order achieve maniacal objectives. There will be theorist involved to create an animation for the presentation aspect of the vision so that an animation can be made to go in the portfolio.

The importance of research was truly discovered in world war two by the Germans they used every available highly educated person at their disposal to create a research facility within their walls.Having a motivation and objective may have slowed down their growth of innovation.I am hoping you act on this public proposal for a new form of inventors Assistance Company so that the innovation process will be an open one; where anybody with intuitive sense can change the focus of the world project.Doing so will improve our ultimate victory in beating dimensional science.We will respond to every possible outcome of our destiny as a world and become the most plentiful of any dimension in our timeline.It may sound strange to end this way but to study science and to study all of it with out anticipating the needs and every direction of the coming future we will be left with determined future that will lead towards a one way trip down a narrow path filled with hoes and hums of a world always in conflict.A secret of creating a destiny fit for all is to create each person�s destiny and then share them so that we can sample each other�s lives.If you could look into another dimension see something that could change or improve our world wouldn�t you take that same something make it in our world and share the path of that dimensions destiny.


Now for the religious terrorists I got a story for you, it�s a vision I had of the all mighty when I was a little bit younger.This may be used in your congregational assemblies.


The All Mighty decided one day to bring a person of the world to ultimate responsibility.He stretched out his finger and pointed to a man walking and commanded him to do all that is right in the world.The man was filled with a temper for things and understood each and every thing�s afflictions.He grew to love the world and the creation of it, he understood the purpose of it creation and knew that this world was unique.He lived multiple lives in the pursuit of what God sent him on a mission to discover for himself.Each life he would help the living and the things of this world to fulfill their destinies.He was successful in many senses in the eyes of the people who saw his good deeds and in the sight of the world that saw how he nurtured it�s growth into becoming a respectable place in the eyes of the Lord, the King, and God himself.The day before the man realized that some divine spirit was commanding him, he was taken up into heaven and placed next to God.God showed him from heaven a world but not the world he was taken from a different world. The man knew that it was different because he nurtured the other world and knew every aspect of it.The world God was showing him was blank without definition and without consciousness.It was a new world that god had just created.God said to the man, �this is the world I created for you to nurture and grow as you would the world before.�This was the gift of God that the man would receive to become a King or a Ruler of his own realm.He could mold it into the perfect world he always dreamed of and this is what God and him helped to create while they were together.This new world was perfect in every way the man�s mind could ever have imagined a world to be.I�m not going to tell you how the man made his world I�ll say this is the gift that He expects everyone to be able to receive.This is the reason God wanted to teach this man responsibility so that he could show this man the mind behind creation.


Do you know what I'm wondering right now as I'm getting more and more curious about the status of the stock market, why can't I invest in Research and development?It�s supposed to be our strongest related growth of income department and there are no Research and development firms to invest in.You can invest in companies that do research and development but this is really just a dependency on how good this one companies ideas are and not a collectivism of a whole league of growing ideas that make our future easier and brighter.


How secure do you find yourself?Do you feel as though society has reached it's height of social conditioning and structure?Democracy in many countries hasn't been around that long and I have my doubts of who actually took all the kingdoms and turned them into democracies.Being I brought it up if the system of change is to command the status of the people, who are you forgetting in this fight against terrorism?If the terrorist succeed in bringing down a democracy what system will be put in it's place and by who's command will it be run.It has to be a system that already exists today or as some terrorists are after, to revolutionize government to suit their utopian view of how the world should operate.How many systems of government exist today, those that haven't been already overthrown and torn from power.You know I would rather be under a king but the system of government doesn't exist anymore.Every system of government since Jesus was alive has toppled, they say this is because Jesus never taught how to rule, but the real situation is that they in charge never thought anything they were doing was wrong and never prepared to change for the will of the people.Because the people are the last to be listen to when they say there is something wrong with the government.Its been the same in every executioners journal in government that the leading cause for execution was a disagreement with the government and the governments never changed but they still managed to be replaced.So I am saying if you plan on going another 100 years or in your minds this government can last for thousands of years with the same system of government let me tell you it has never been done and the people with strong opinions and are continued to be jailed for anarchy against a proclaimed ruling power will find away to tip the scale in their favor.Remember they like me believe we can never die and we will go on living no matter how our lives are interrupted, so if you will not listen to an angry ex-ruler of this world then you better start realizing the true shambles of society.The fact that I feel I should explain my belief and my understandings and my actions in this world is an injustice to the person I once was.



Shouldn�t satellites be cautioned to slow down for vehicles exiting from our atmosphere?It doesn�t seem right that every time a vehicle leaves our atmosphere it must endure a stress test assessment of the possible collision course it may be headed into.Now say I sold a spaceship to someone that didn�t receive the proper precautionary measures of exiting the atmosphere or the person was inept to the possibility of a colossal calamity of extreme nature of the loss of them or their vessel.Wouldn�t it be a safer assumption of the welfare of our star-seeking travelers to have an alert guidance system for satellites to safely regard any moving vessel outside of the extremities of earth?The whole negotiating system of leaving our atmosphere seems flawed and probably the solution is buried in the system of satellites somewhere that allows for such a problematic occurrence to be handle when the necessity for such galactic exploration would at sometime require such an ingenuitive allowance for space travel, maybe Russia knows or its in the satellites builders manuals for such necessities of future applications.



Ok I understand you�ve set up system to change the social security system into a half on half off retirement plan and changed the Medicare to a half on half off health insurance plan.This sounds like a great thing to get people to be in some support of what the government tries to get everyone to do for themselves but I�ve not caught the method of achievement as of yet.Is it on the way is their a basic plan to go about signing up for such crucial programs? If there is I would like to know how I could get myself on one of these programs.


It�s amazing after all these years of suppressing my natural ability to create.I haven't lost my ability to search for the embodiment of all such life to form a new solution for its growth. When your father said children couldn't work anymore except in the case of showbiz personalities it really hurt.That my only way at the time to support my own inventive asset of my mind and so the suppression begins.As you may have or may not have noticed innovation slowed down a lot for the years I was in suppression.Maybe some improvements were made a few existing product but nothing drastic.And over the past 6 years after I came out of my hole there seems to be some spark that innovation is possible and that it is possible to revitalize the world with new vigor.We may be at risk of Alien invasion if I decide to go all the way with my invention but it�s worth the risk to make celestial contact.You need to stop worrying about the amount of resources we have available you should just turn to synthetics now there is a dieing market that needs a little life put in it.It's a wonderful thing to be myself again but it sure is a culture shock for a lot of other people.Some people get headaches when they here of the intricacies of one of my ideas.They are each separate and unique and they aren�t usually meant to cross.There are a million things to do and no one is here to help me.Ever here it, it describes the strain the innovator has to go through to be the one with a mind of unimaginable potential of the facts of circumstance to be aware of every event and to know that where ever you go the people there will be as limited in their mental capacity to understand the nature of where your wise intellect comes from.Your daughter Barbara was always materialistic you should have nurtured this part of her instead forcing her to face the realities how, I don't even care what your passed down argument was, she was naturally beautiful enjoying the things of the world and all that the world had to offer these are the type of people I build for and you ruined one of them that was very cute about what she wanted at least while it lasted.�� If she was my kid I would have taught the importance of being self centered and to be at one with ones self, I would have bought her the books on Daoism and yin and yang and showed her that life is about the enjoyment one feels having contentment with her spirit.The one thing I wouldn't have done was teaching her the lesson of how those less fortunate live and the mellow dramatic view they have towards society.


Here is the definitive response I would go for if I were asked why are you doing this with social security.  "Look at how many people we have hooked to the social security system not just including retirees but including people on welfare and disability, they are being given money and have grown dependent on it as being their only source of income, most of these people do not understand that they are being given this help so that one day they could pick themselves up and depend on themselves.  They have no desire to work their finances in a positive direction they won't by themselves make the adjustments in their financial affairs to make any effective financial decisions and by making each person responsible to care for part of their money then maybe with hope we can make these people take an active role in financial security like many other wise American who have the right passion to handle their own capital to make capital gains.  We have to somehow teach people to care for their own lives so that they are not our dependents."