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Submitted to Comply with Florida Constitution Ethics in Government: 1) Spend the Money I get on things that further my efforts to accomplish my Goals. 2) Buy Shares of Companies I’ve sent ideas to and Practice Drip Investing to Reach a Minority Shareholder to Insider Shareholder Status. 3) Buy Stocks at entry point 50 day crosses above 100 day and Sell at the Buy in Value and Retain Remaining Shares until New Buy Entry Point then Buy Again or Short when 50 day crosses under 100 day and cover Short when 50 day Crosses above 100 day. 3a) Buy when Stoicastics Crosses above Signal line Sell non dividend shares when Stoicastics crosses below Signal line Sell Dividend Stock at same amount as Buy Value retaining shares wait for new entry point on weekly daily monthly charts. 4) Have a Months worth of Bill Money Saved in My Bill Pay Checking Account plus my Current Budget Money to Cover Bills per Month to Account for Time and inconvenience of Missed Payments of Having Exactly the Right Amount for Paying Bills so to not have an overdraw or missed payment. 5) Save Money in $12.50 increments x Number of Increments Available to Save from disposable Income to Savings for Planned Spending. 6) Pay Loans Faster by Calculating Interest Rate x 100 / Loan Amount / Years of Loan / 12 = Interest Amount per Payment – Payment Amount + Extra Payment Amount / Loan Amount / 12 = Years to Pay off Loan Adjusting Extra Payment to Reduce Time. 7) Give Children and Godchildren $50 for Christmas and Birthday from their First Birthday or Christmas. 8) Allow kids to make wages affordable by parents for doing choirs around the house being paid per choir and being allowed to negotiate based on how hard the Choirs were. 9) Kids should have their Money Accounts in their name and Social with their signature filed with a W-9 to Bank. 10) At Age 13 kids should get a custodial account with PayPal and eBay. 11) Kids need practice with Money so they aren’t financially illiterate when the grow up. 12) Personal Money should be Allocated Perfectly 23% Personal Spending 36% Other Debts and Investing 41% Housing barring inability to meet Allocation due to obligations and affordability. 13) A Debit Card should be used with Money set aside for spending so that when you’re out of money and get declined you stop spending until you get money again so you don’t dip into Bill or Debt or Investing Money. Nothing is that important you can’t stop shopping. 14) Being Self-Employed is a Right of Everyone with a Social Security Number. 15) An EIN (Employment Identification Number) can also easily mean Earn Income Now. 16) I Moonlight while Employed 17) My kids success is a Financial Interest to me. 18) Accurate Usable Actionable Intelligence is a Financial Interest to me to Make Money from Prospective Clients. 19) Drafting Patents of my own ideas. 20) Doing One Free Job for Someone so they Retain my Services and Pay me Money. 21) Making Money in Business by Following the Law so when deposit my profits at the bank they don’t get rejected for being made illegally. 22) I smoke Cigarettes and drink water waiting for more money. 23) I use all 3 forms of communication differently to communicate my ideas with words and pictures. 24) Using Other People’s Money to Make my Ideas Happen. 25) Proposals for Government Contracting and Venture Investing 26) Collecting 27) Reading and Writing and Research 28) Using a Computer as a Tool to Achieve success by working with other people and learning computer techniques I can use to create something of value. 29) Attracting Customers with Like-Wise Interests of mine or that I have of theirs. 30) Following the Rules of Society for Goals that are allowed for me and Society to discover a more refined method to submit to City Development. 31) Submitting Business Plans to the President for Business Design Systems with all operating procedures needed to construct and run business and main premises (Trade Secrets) for why the business will make money with the way Society is so that the President will find trusted partners that cooperate with Government and legal procedures to get and give financing to start and build the business, because getting a Patent for my ideas through a Shark Patent Company didn’t work but this does. 32) Not Gossiping about Business that Pertains to Active Operating Officers, Maintaining On-Going Conversations with Operating Managers to Maintain Consistency in Operating the Business Processes with Implementation Advice because I’m the Creator of the Idea and know best about the unforeseen circumstances and how to solve them. 33) Creating Respectable Services for Products by Creating Arraignments with Volunteers and Suppliers with too much supply of products people aren’t buying most likely because they already have for Humanitarian Efforts to help the Disadvantaged Poor in Countries that would Accept the Charitable Business Practices and Countries want for their Citizens. 34) Sending Ideas to Other Presidents in Other Countries Outside America that Comply with their Business Culture and Research and Development Desires and Ignored Social Atmosphere needs. 35) Never get Caught Making Anything.